Our mission

We founded Tazio in 2010 with the aim of making it easier for employers to identify the best candidates.

A pioneer of automated video interviewing in the UK, we realised the potential for video interviews to streamline the recruitment process. Since then, we have grown and evolved into a complete assessment, testing and interviewing platform.

We are now trusted by hundreds of employers, to assess thousands of candidates and make more objective, reliable hiring decisions. As well as video interviews, we provide aptitude, psychometric and situational judgement tests, paperless assessment centres and develop bespoke assessment tools.

Tom Stroud
Founder & CEO

Our future

Once again, we're one of the pioneers. Today we're at the forefront of research into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way we assess and evaluate candidates and employees skills, personality and motivation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine learning, is used in a growing number of business applications to interpret vast amounts of data and deliver more informed insights and decisions.

Our mission is to harness the power of AI and provide you with an efficient way to capture and analyse greater levels of candidate and employee data - allowing you to make smarter, more objective hiring, training and development decisions.

Over time, our deep learning algorithms can with increasing accuracy, predict how candidates will perform in a role, who will onboard quickly and who will be successful.

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Our values

Be clever

We encourage everyone at Tazio to be creative, to challenge the status quo and to feel free to explore and embrace new ideas and ways of working.

Be respectful

We treat everyone with courtesy and respect, in a way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Be fun

We maintain a friendly and relaxed working environment and always remember to enjoy what we do, adding fun to each day as much as possible.

Be conscientious

We are passionate about the success of Tazio and work hard to ensure it is the best it can be. We strive to continuously improve and remember we are only as good as we were yesterday.

Be generous

We try to over-deliver wherever possible and offer our customers excellent value for money. We are on hand to help our colleagues, partners and customers however we can.

Be honest

We embrace transparency and openness and are honest about everything in our work. If we make a mistake, we hold our hands up.

Our team

We're a small team with big ideas, loads of passion and a fantastic can-do attitude. We're always on the look out for talented individuals who share our values and are keen to make a difference. Sound like you? Then get in touch.

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