Tazio's mission

To help employers improve their recruitment, employee development and engagement. Because everyone deserves job satisfaction. Simple as that.

Our approach consistently delivers higher quality candidates resulting in a more productive, engaged workforce and less stressed recruiters and hiring managers.

To see how Tazio can improve your recruitment process, develop and engage your employees more effectively, I'd love to hear from you.

Tom Stroud
Founder & CEO

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Our future

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine learning, is used in a growing number of business applications to interpret vast amounts of data and deliver more informed insights and decisions.

We’re developing deep learning algorithms that will even more accurately predict a candidate’s ability to perform in a role. And it’s all aimed at helping you make smarter hiring, training, and employee development decisions.

Over time, our deep learning algorithms can with increasing accuracy, predict how candidates will perform in a role, who will onboard quickly and who will be successful.

Our values

Be clever

We’re helping clients be at the top of their game, so we have to stay at the top of ours.

Be adventurous

Creativity is in huge supply at Tazio. Our team has the freedom to explore new ideas and new ways of working.

Be open and honest

Integrity is everything, and we’re fierce protectors of ours.

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We're always happy to have an informal chat and share our insights on how to improve your recruitment, employee development and engagement.

Give us a call on 02922 331 888 or email us at [email protected].


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