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What is abstract reasoning? Abstract reasoning refers to your lateral thinking skills or fluid intelligence.

This is the ability to ‘think on your feet’, to quickly identify patterns, perceive logical rules and trends in new data, accimilate information, and apply it to solving problems.

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Example abstract reasoning test

Example Abstract Reasoning Question

How do abstract reasoning tests work?

Abstract reasoning tests are designed to assess your ability to identify and interpret patterns, extract rules and structures. Questions will typically display a series of shapes, patterns or objects. You are required to select the correct answer from a set of possible options.

Try a practice abstract reasoning test.

Why use an abstract reasoning test?

In many roles, having the ability to quickly identify relationships, patterns and trends in organisational data, such as customers’ purchasing behaviour or market research, is vital to thinking strategically and solving problems quickly.

Nearly all employees should have at least a reasonable level of abstract reasoning capabilities.

The results from an abstract reasoning test offer a good indication of a candidate's ability to:

  • Efficiently learning new skills
  • Think strategically about problems and developments
  • Quickly analyse new information and apply it to solving work-related problems
  • Processing and analysing new data and information in a logical manner

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Abstract reasoning aptitude

This 16-minute aptitude test measures abstract critical reasoning. It is designed for universal use across all roles.
Time: 16 minutes
Questions: 32

Try a practice abstract reasoning test.