Aptitude Test Design

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of aptitude tests from Saville Assessment, we can also create bespoke tests to meet your unique requirements.

Our team of experienced occupational psychologists can design, validate and build an aptitude test that accurately assesses a candidate for the skills required to perform well in your unique role, not just their general aptitude.

For managers who understand the role well, or where detailed job analysis is undertaken, you can focus on the skills required and design simple tests to assess against these.

However, caution is required as many factors can influence the results. Time allowed, the quality of instructions, type of question and interpretation of results, can all impact the validity of a test.

For roles with 1,000’s of applicants, there are attractions to developing a bespoke aptitude test.

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Our approach

1. Define what to measure

The first step, we determine what it is you need to measure. For example, what skills, experience or particular knowledge is required to do a job.

Job analysis or employee assessments identify the competencies, skills, behaviours and strengths (factors) of the ideal employee for that role.

2. Design and build

The second step, we select or create the items (questions) which will objectively measure the factors identified in Step 1.

We create your assessment on the Tazio platform including the introduction and conclusion text, video introductions, scenarios and questions.

3. Validate and refine

Step three, we test your assessment with existing employees or a sample of candidates to ensure it correctly measures the appropriate factors.

We validate your assessment, removing or updating items as necessary. Once you’re happy your assessment is reliable and valid, you can start using it.

How much do bespoke tests cost?

Prices can vary widely depending on the scope of the project. However, if the number of candidates you need to test in thousands, then the cost per candidate becomes more attractive.

To receive your personalised quote, give us a call us on 02922 331 888 and talk to one of our friendly sales team, email us at sales@tazio.co.uk, or complete the request form.

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