Error checking tests

Error or data checking tests present you with tables of information which must be checked against each other.

These tests are used to measure how quickly and accurately a candidate can detect errors in data.

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How do error checking tests work?

Typically, an error checking test will display two tables, columns or rows of data and ask you to check for any inconsistencies. Tests are timed, and candidates are awarded marks for accuracy and speed.

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When to use an error checking test

Error checking tests are often used to select candidates for clerical and data input jobs, where accuracy is essential.

For example, many roles in accountancy and banking, as well as some contact centre roles, require employees to enter information quickly and accurately.

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Error checking aptitude

Assesses the ability to check the correctness of transposed information. The aptitude test contains four sets of original and transposed information where transposition errors have to be identified.
Time: 6 minutes
Questions: 32

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