Fault Diagnosis Test

What is a fault diagnosis test?

With the increasing complexity of electronic control systems, having the ability to work logically to find the cause of a failure is increasingly essential. Fault diagnosis tests are used to evaluate candidate's ability to identify faults in electronic and mechanical systems.

How do fault diagnosis tests work?

Fault diagnosis tests typically consist of questions which display a combination of shapes and symbols used in different 'switches'. The candidate needs to work out the underlying process behind the switch systems and discover errors in the system. The abstract switches are displayed in the form of a grid or a flowchart. Fault diagnosis tests do not require any prior technical knowledge, unlike mechanical aptitude tests.

Example Fault Diagnosis Test Question

Example fault diagnosis question

When to use a fault diagnosis test

Fault diagnosis tests are used widely to select technical and maintenance personnel, where the ability to approach a problem logically and systematically to find the cause of the fault is vital.

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Designing your fault diagnosis test

Tazio can design and validate a bespoke test to meet your particular requirements. Last year we worked with TMP Worldwide and SSE to design and build a bespoke test to assess candidates applying to become Smart Meter Installers.

How much do fault diagnosis tests cost?

Prices for standard tests start from as little as £8 for a single test. To develop a bespoke test will typically cost from £3,000 upwards depending on the complexity of the test.

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