Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests measure cognitive ability. They are the most reliable way of profiling how a person can apply themselves to a range of tasks.

Tazio includes the complete range of aptitude tests from Saville Assessment. We also offer aptitude test design as well as a platform to build your own.

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Aptitude Tests Illustrations

Example aptitude test on a MacBook

Why use an aptitude test?

Using an aptitude test as part of your recruitment process will help you predict how well suited someone is to the demands of a role, and how quickly they will pick things up.

You can test verbal or numerical reasoning, knowledge, skills and comprehension.

Buy aptitude tests online

We have partnered with Saville Assessment to offer you their range of aptitude tests:

Key benefits

Buying your Saville Assessment aptitude test through Tazio has many benefits:

  • No setup or bureau charges
  • Single tests from just £13
  • Immediate online access
  • Generous volume discounts
  • Combine tests with video interviews

What will an aptitude test tell me?

Candidates who perform well in these tests are likely to be good at problem solving, learning new skills, thinking strategically, and absorbing information quickly.

An aptitude test can measure all of those things, or just one or two. Depending on the role an employer is looking to fill, the test might be set up to assess general cognitive ability, or specific skills such as data entry.

Example Numerical Reasoning Test Question

The benefits of aptitude tests

Using aptitude tests as part of your recruitment process saves you and your hiring managers time meeting unsuitable candidates, reduces time to hire and improves quality of hire.

Other benefits include:

  • You can objectively compare candidates abilities
  • Evaluate the skills that are relevant for a role
  • Your tests are delivered online, unsupervised
  • Improve candidate engagement with feedback reports
  • Aptitude tests are the best predictor of in work performance

How does an aptitude test work?

It’s usually an online test. Candidates have a set amount of time in which to get through a series of questions about written statements, tables, or graphs. They must analyse the data and choose the correct answer.

It’s quite high-pressured; there’s a lot to get done, and most people will not finish. Typically, less than 5% of the population will be able to solve every question in the available time. .

Example abstract reasoning test
Example Reports

How are the results presented?

A candidate’s test result will be shown either as a percentile or a sten score, so you’ll be able to quickly see how well they did compared to others.

Employers will usually have in mind a score that a candidate must pass if they’re to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process.