Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are the most objective and reliable way of measuring an individual's ability to complete specific tasks.

Using an ability or aptitude test as part of your recruitment process helps you predict how well suited someone is to meet the demands of a role, and how quickly they will learn new skills. You can test verbal or numerical reasoning, knowledge, skills and comprehension. 

Tazio has partnered with Saville Assessment to integrate their comprehensive range of individual and combined aptitude, situational judgement and personality tests seamlessly into the Tazio platform.

We also have a team of experienced occupational psychologists who can design, build and validate bespoke aptitude tests. These can more accurately assess candidates for the skills required to perform well in your specific role, not just their general aptitude.

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Uniquely with Tazio, you can easily combine aptitude tests with situational judgement tests and video interviews to create a single hybrid assessment. All our aptitude tests are mobile-friendly and can be fully-branded.

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Verbal reasoning tests are used to assess a person's ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information. They can also be used to test a candidate's spelling, grammar and understanding of analogies.

Verbal reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests typically assess a person's understanding of basic arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics. In more advanced tests, candidates may be shown charts or graphs and asked to interpret the results.

Abstract reasoning tests assess a person's general intellect and ability to work out new concepts and abstract ideas. They determine a person's ability to see the underlying logic in a pattern of symbols or shapes.

Abstract reasoning ability is believed to be a good indicator of a person's fluid intelligence, or their ability to learn things quickly. They are especially useful for roles that require a high level of problem solving and initiative.

Abstract reasoning tests

Mechanical reasoning tests

A mechanical reasoning, or mechanical comprehension test, is designed to assess a person's applied knowledge of common physical and mechanical principles.

These are typically used for technical and engineering roles, as they are a good indicator of person's current understanding and potential to do well in the role.

Fault diagnosis tests are more specific to a role and are designed to assess a person's ability to identify and correctly select the appropriate repair in electronic and mechanical systems.

Fault diagnosis tests

Data checking tests

Data checking tests are used primarily for administrative and data input roles, data checking tests measures how quickly and accurately errors can be detected in example data by the candidate.

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Prices for off-the-self tests start from under £10 for an individual aptitude test, combined tests start at under £20 and there are competitive volume discounts available.

To receive your personalised quote, give us a call us on 02922 331 888 and talk to one of our friendly sales team, email us at sales@tazio.co.uk, or complete the request form.

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