Numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning is your ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on statistical data presented in graphs and tables.

Numerical reasoning is not a measure of your mathematical ability; instead it is your ability to use statistical data to make reasoned decisions and solve problems.

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Example Numerical Reasoning Test Question

Example Numerical Reasoning Question

How do numercial reasoning tests work?

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to evaluate candidates mathematical understanding ranging from basic arithmetic to advanced critical and logical reasoning. They measure the candidate's cognitive capabilities in areas such as arithmetic, number sequences, percentages, and data interpretation.

Tests can have either a fixed number of questions or be “speed tests” where the candidate has to answer as many items in a specific time. The difficulty of a test can vary from evaluating basic numeracy through to identifying critical business-related issues and drawing conclusions from statistical data such as performance figures, financial results and analysis reports.

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Why use a numerical reasoning test?

Statistical data generated by business systems is a vital information source to drive results, monitor progress and achieve business goals. In many roles, employees need to be able to effectively collect, interpret, analyse and present numerical data.

A numerical reasoning test is the most effective predictor of an individual's capabilities in this area. Results for a numerical reasoning test will indicate a candidate's ability to:

  • Efficiently and effectively identifying critical business-related issues
  • Draw logical conclusions from numerical data
  • Efficiently monitoring performance and progress based on numerical metrics
  • Clearly present and convey business-related issues in charts and tables to key stakeholders

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Saville Assessment Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical analysis aptitude

This test assesses a candidate's ability to evaluate complex numerical data. The test contains a series of single and dual passages followed by questions which need to be answered based on the information presented.
Time: 24 minutes
Questions: 32

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Numerical comprehension aptitude

This test assesses a candidate's ability to comprehend numerical data. The test contains a series of data sets, followed by questions which need to be answered using the data presented.
Time: 16 minutes
Questions: 32

Try a practice numerical comprehension aptitude test.

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