Virtual assessment centres are here to stay.

With social distancing likely to be with us for some time, how do you continue to assess, interview and select candidates when you can't meet them?

Tazio helps you move your assessments centres and interviews online. Now you can create and manage all your assessments, exercises and interviews on one platform.

Assess is the easy way of assessing, interviewing (live and recorded), candidates - ensuring objective hiring decisions.

Assessment Centre Illustration
Assessment Centre Illustration

Why use Assess?

You're able to remotely evaluate candidate's suitability based on your chosen competencies, behaviours and skills.

Assess lets you define the criteria and scoring scale for each exercise, whether that’s an online interview, virtual group role play or presentation.

Assessors score candidates and record their observations online in real time, or after the event. It’s the efficient way of capturing all the key information, together with any notes.

And that’s not all. Our inbuilt analysis and reporting tools will help you see straightaway how candidates have performed.

Virtual Recruitment Free Guide

If you need to move your assessments centres and interviewing online, this free guide explains all.

The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Recruitment

Ensure Consistent Scoring

Assessors enter scores and comments online while observing candidates in secure live video conference rooms. They can also score written exercises, recorded interviews and presentations.

You define the scoring for each exercise and interview, structured with positive and negative indicators associated with each competency.

Overall scores can be automatically calculated including weightings or entered manually by assessors.

This improves consistency and accuracy of scoring, while reducing the workload of your assessors.

Case Study

Find out how the NHS used Tazio Assess to eliminate paperwork from their assessment centres and improve efficiency.

Extensive Analysis and Reporting

Assess makes sense of your data, quickly helping you identify the best candidates based on your unique requirements with extensive data visualisation, analysis and reporting.

Assessors scores, comments and notes are stored securely. This wealth of data is used to reveal which candidates best match the competencies, behaviours and skills you've determined as essential to perform well in the role.

Now you can remove the guesswork from your assessment centres, make unbiased and impartial hiring decisions.

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Automated Feedback

Personalised candidate feedback reports are generated in seconds with content based on assessors scores and comments.

Choose from a selection of report templates, all fully branded and personalised to match your corporate style and language.

With Assess, your candidates receive valuable feedback promptly following your assessment centre, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

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Integrations & Security

Assess integrates seamlessly with our full range of aptitude tests, psychometric assessments and video intervews. So a candidate's test results, interview information and supporting documentation is stored in one place.

We can also integrate Assess with your ATS, HR and business management software.

We have been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold certification. Tazio is built on enterprise grade infrastructure hosted by Rackspace, guaranteeing maximum uptime and security of your data.

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Assessment Centre Illustration

Assess feature list

Standard features

Unlimited assessment/development centres
Unlimited candidates
Unlimited admin users
Unlimited groups
Advanced user management
Document management
Live video interviews
Recorded video interviews
Virtual intray exercises
Full branding - All screens, emails & reports
Offline mode
Flexible rating scale
Automatic or manual scoring
Integrates with online assessments & tests
Assessment centre templates
Question library
Management report builder
Export data to PDF & CSV
Security (HTTPS), ISO2701 data centres
API Integrations
Bulk import employees
Branded email invites & reminders


Online helpdesk 24/7
Telephone, IM & email
Dedicated account manager