Everyone Has Potential; We Help Employers Unlock It

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their potential and be happy at work. We create software and services to help people and employers reach their goals and have a successful career.

To achieve this, employers need to understand the true capabilities of their employees and identify where, with support and training, they can accomplish their goals.

Happy employees create a more motivated workforce, with lower turnover, higher productivity, greater creativity, the list of benefits goes on.

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Our History

Tazio was founded in June 2010 as a video interviewing tool. As one of the first automated video interviewing providers, the early years were a struggle. But, a few forward-thinking companies recognised the potential, and slowly but surely, we started to gain new customers and grow.

By 2014, we realised that video interviewing was just one small part of talent evaluation. So, we started to include other types of questions and testing options, creating a comprehensive talent assessment platform.

With a growing list of blue-chip customers and strong partnerships with many of the leading RPOs, in 2018, we introduced our assessment centre tool. Early adopters include the NHS, SEAT and Homes England.

Over the last ten years, we have been fortunate to partner with many exceptional employers. They all share our commitment to making their employees the best they can be. They use our platform and tools to make smarter data-driven talent acquisition, management and development decisions.

Our Future

Driven by an innate desire to learn, innovate and improve, we are continuously developing our platform and products. We focus on three principal areas:

Adaptability - we know every customer faces unique challenges, wants to achieve different things and operates in their own way. Therefore, wherever possible, we aim to let you effortlessly adapt and configure our platform and products to your requirements.

Usability - is the key to successful adoption and implementation of any technology, which is why we spend an excessive amount of time making everything intuitive and logical. Ultimately, everything should "just work" without you having to think about it.

Validity - with so much at stake, people's careers and livelihoods, we ensure all our products accurately and objectively assess individuals capabilities so that you make the correct decisions with confidence.

Our Values

Be Clever

We're continually looking to innovate and do things better. We strive to be curious, challenge ourselves to come up with fresh ideas that have a positive impact.

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Be Adventurous

Creativity is in huge supply at Tazio. We all have the freedom to explore new ideas without fear of failure.

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Be Open And Honest

We believe integrity is crucial to building trust with each other and our customers. We focus on doing the right thing and developing mutually beneficial long term relationships.

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Are You Ready To Unlock The Potential In Your Employees?

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