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Tom Stroud By Tom Stroud on 12.03.2018
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Sonru started out just before Tazio in 2007. They were one of the first video interviewing companies in Europe. So how does their product compare with Tazio?

Here we take a look at Sonru's current offering, their main features and benefits, and see how they compare with Tazio.

If you're comparing video interviewing software for use in recruitment, this article answers essential questions like:

  • What does Sonru offer?
  • What are their strengths?
  • What are their weaknesses?
  • What type of service can you expect?
  • How much do they cost?

A brief history

Sonru was founded in 2007 in Wexford, Ireland by Edward Hendrick. They have raised investment from a couple of private equity firms including Cronulla and Saphir Capital Partners. They have focused on growing internationally with offices in Asia, Europe and America. They now have around 70 employees.

What they offer

Sonru offers both live and on-demand video interviewing; they don't have any other products or services. The Sonru product is relatively simple and doesn't have any significant stand out functionality. That said, they offer most of the standard features such as branded landing pages, introduction and closing videos, flexible question timing and mobile apps.

Sonru offers a premium branding service to create bespoke landing pages for customers which replicate the look and feel of an employer's careers site. Tazio also provides this service for customers looking for a bespoke design. However, using our built-in branding template designer, most customers can create their own branded landing pages, interviews and emails free of charge.

The Sonru technology platform is mature, and from what we are led to believe, is stable and capable of handling a high number of concurrent users. Sonru primarily provides technical support through an online help desk and chat facility.

With regards to reporting and analysis, we're not sure how comprehensive their reports are. From looking at their website and the feedback we've had from partners, they provide a basic level of reporting, nothing out of the ordinary.

Our current reporting appears to similar to that offered by Sonru. However, we are introducing more advanced interactive graphs and improved data visualisation in the coming months.

What sets them apart?

Overall, its appears Sonru provides a competent video interviewing service, without doing anything out of the ordinary. From our understanding, we believe their approach has been to focus on global growth and investment in sales and marketing, rather than product development.

With offices in seven locations around the world, they should be able to offer a better level of local support for customers.

Where we differ

Fundamentally, Tazio's approach has been to develop a complete online assessment and interviewing platform with a much broader range of question and response types. This approach allows you to create SJTs, aptitude or skills tests, and combine these with a video interview to make a single, more efficient hybrid assessment.

We believe Sonru's software offers less flexibility if you want to change things like branding, text for automated emails and reporting yourself. While they might be able to customise their software to meet your requirements, you have to pay extra, and it can take longer.

Our approach is to give you the tools to do things yourself wherever possible. There are some areas, such as advanced assessment logic for example, where we still need to do this for you due to its complexity.

However, because of the way we developed Tazio it is easier to adapt to meet individual customers' requirements. As a result, most customisation can be achieved quickly and at no extra cost.

How do the costs compare?

Sonru doesn't publish prices on their website, which makes it impossible to compare pricing with Tazio on a like for like basis. We've been reliably informed by customers that in the past, Sonru would be very aggressive on pricing, but that lately, they have attempted to increase contract values.

While we are not the cheapest, we aim to make Tazio affordable for enterprise and smaller companies alike and offer exceptional value for money. With our transparent pricing structure and more extensive feature set, we believe we deliver better value for money and return on investment.

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