Employee engagement

At the core of any employee engagement strategy is communication, and most importantly listening.

For employees to give their best, they need to know their opinions are being heard and appreciated.

With Engage we give you the online tools to ensure your employees feel listened to and valued. Simple as that.

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More than surveys

Surveys form the basis of many organisations' employee engagement strategies. However, on their own, most deliver limited value, and can even make matters worse.

But, hang on. How do you find out what your employees think if you don't ask them? If you've got a 20,000 strong workforce, you can't speak to each person individually.

That's where our approach comes in. Our surveys are not surveys in the typical sense; they’re an ongoing, interactive conversation between you and your workforce.

Transforming the employee experience

Employees seldom see any value in answering the typical multiple choice questionnaire about their experiences. It's just a chore.

Our approach enables them to connect with you when and where it's convenient, on their computer, tablet or mobile.

Video, audio and images make the process far more engaging. Employees enjoy a seamless and constructive dialogue and a greater sense of connection.

  • Mobile-friendly - complete surveys on tablets and mobiles
  • Fully branded - strengthening your brand and engagement
  • Multi-media - video, audio and images bring surveys to life

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Delivering actionable insights

Collecting a mass of data, no matter how valuable, is only the first step. You need to be able to translate this into actionable insights.

Using predictive analytics, we help you make sense of your data and identify the issues most likely to impact future performance.

Let's get started

We're always happy to have an informal chat and share our insights on how to improve your employee engagement.

Give us a call on 02922 331 888 or email us at [email protected].

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