Graduate recruitment

Graduate recruitment can be extremely time consuming and labour intensive. Except it doesn't have to be.

We provide graduate recruiters with the online tools to quickly and objectively evaluate high volumes of candidates. Simple as that.

Our approach consistently delivers higher quality candidates at assessment centres and ultimately more productive, engaged graduates.

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A fresh approach to graduate assessment and selection

The best graduates can be selective. Therefore, you need to ensure your assessment process is as efficient, engaging and fast as possible.

Our hybrid assessments, combining aptitude tests, SJTs and video interviews designed explicitly for graduate roles are proven to shorten time to hire significantly.

This approach helps you objectively identify the real potential in a candidate and at the same time, deliver an exceptional recruitment experience.

The key benefits

Reduced time to hire

Improved candidate experience

More efficient use of recruiters time

Lower cost per hire

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Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are the most objective and reliable way of measuring an individual's ability to complete specific tasks.

They can test verbal or numerical reasoning, knowledge, skills and comprehension. Aptitude tests help you predict how well suited someone is to meet the demands of a role, and how quickly they will learn new skills.

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Situational Judgement Tests

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are a highly effective and increasingly popular way to predict the performance of prospective employees.

Tazio works with a group of highly experienced occupational psychologists to create bespoke SJTs for recruitment and employee development.

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Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is a fantastic way to assess candidate soft skills, motivation and culture fit. Video interviews are more convenient for candidates and recruiters than telephone interviews.

Our scaleable, mobile friendly and fully branded video interviewing software is feature-packed and user-friendly making it ideal for volume recruitment.

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Assessment centre software

Our Assessment Centre Software is the instant, paperless way of securely recording candidate data. We call it Assess Smart.

You can then record their marks on a tablet or laptop in real time on assessment day. It’s the efficient way of generating this key information, together with any notes. All stored in one, safe place.

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