Hybrid Assessments

Hybrid assessments are an innovative new approach to screening and ranking high volumes of candidates and employees.

Instead of putting candidates through time-consuming, multiple tests, assessments and interviews, we offer a single hybrid assessment.

Each assessment consists of all the elements required to evaluate a candidate's skills, abilities and motivation quickly and objectively.

Assessments are uniquely designed to assess candidates suitability for specific roles based on criteria known to be essential for success.

Screenshot of one of a hybrid assessment
Screenshot of the candidate analysis screen

Start with fundamental requirements for the role. For example, right to work, relevant experience or minimum qualifications.

Then use competency-based questions, aptitude, personality, and situational judgement tests to evaluate a candidate's suitability.

Finally, video questions allow you to assess soft skills, presentation, motivation and culture fit. In one single process, you can screen, filter and rank each candidate, identifying those that fit best, faster.

The main benefits

  • Reduces time, hybrid assessments test all aspects of a candidates ability in one go
  • Automatic scoring means results are objective, validated and error free
  • Improves candidate engagement and perception of your brand
  • It's easy to invite candidates to take tests, track their progress and view scores
  • Delivers faster and more efficient screening of high volumes of candidates

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What can be included?

Aptitude Tests

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Aptitude tests are the most objective and reliable way of measuring an individual's ability to complete specific tasks.

They can test verbal or numerical reasoning, knowledge, skills and comprehension. Aptitude tests help you predict how well suited someone is to meet the demands of a role, and how quickly they will learn new skills.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are a highly effective and increasingly popular way to predict the performance of prospective employees.

Tazio works with a group of highly experienced occupational psychologists to create bespoke SJTs for recruitment and employee development.

Situational Judgement Tests

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Video Interviewing

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Video interviewing is a fantastic way to assess candidate soft skills, motivation and culture fit. Video interviews are more convenient for candidates and recruiters than telephone interviews.

Our scaleable, mobile friendly and fully branded video interviewing software is feature-packed and user-friendly making it ideal for volume recruitment.

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A wide range of organisations are already using hybrid assessments to improve their recruitment process. Just a couple of these include:

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Hybrid assessments are a cost effective and objective way to evaluate a candidate's suitability for a role. If you've got any questions about Hybrid Assessments we're here to help.

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