Hybrid assessments

Hybrid assessments are ideal if you are screening and ranking large numbers of candidates and employees.

Each assessment is made up of the individual elements needed to quickly and objectively evaluate each person’s skills, abilities, and suitability for a particular role.

It’s the alternative to putting candidates through multiple tests and interviews. So it saves time. It’s a lot more efficient. And it enhances people’s perception of your brand.

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What is a hybrid assessment?

It’s the one-stop-shop of screening. Our tests are carefully designed to draw out the vital information you need to know about candidates, and it’s particularly useful if you need to recruit quickly or are inundated with applicants

It is also a great tool for highlighting any performance-related issues with existing employees.

What does a hybrid assessment measure?

You choose. It’s a case of deciding what you really need to know and how you’d like to find it out.

Our team can help you with that. Together, we’ll pinpoint the fundamental requirements of the role – the right to work in the UK, relevant experience, minimum qualifications.

Next, we’ll devise competency-based questions that assess the individual’s aptitude, personality, and situational judgment.

Finally, video interviewing; it will let you see the person’s soft skills, the way they present themselves, their motivation, their culture fit.

Why should I consider a hybrid assessment?

It’s streamlined, making a large recruitment exercise far easier to carry out than it might otherwise be. In a single process you can screen, filter, and rank each candidate - testing all aspects of their abilities in one go. It means you can quickly identify the individuals to take to the next round.

And, because the software scores each person automatically, you can be confident that your decisions are objective and validated.

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