Combined Aptitude Test and Video Interview

With a single, combined aptitude test and video interview you can objectively evaluate and rank all aspects of a candidate's suitability for a role

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Why use a combined aptitude test and video interview?

Simple, time and convenience.

Rather than require candidates to complete separate aptitude tests, phone and video interviews, a single combined aptitude test and video interview saves you and the candidate time.

Combine aptitude, psychometric, skills and situational judgement tests with a video interview in one seamless candidate assessment.

Candidates can complete the whole assessment in one go, or log in and out to complete each section or test, at the most convenient time for them.

Each assessment is tailor made to evaluate candidates against the specific skills, qualities and behaviours known to be important to perform well in your role.

The entire process is fully branded and personalised, including audio and video clips, helping to improve candidate experience and engagement with your brand.

The benefits

  • Reduces time to hire
  • Improves quality of hire
  • Determines culture fit
  • Results are objective, unbiased and error free
  • Tests linked to factors relevant to the role
  • Branded and personalised candidate experience

Affordable, scalable, flexible

Uniquely, the flexibility of our global assessment platform enables us to create tailor-made candidate assessments at a fraction of the cost typically associated with bespoke online assessments.

Branding and personalisation

Impressing and engaging candidates is key to ensuring the maximum number complete your assessment process.

With Tazio, your assessment is entirely branded to exactly match the colour scheme, look and feel of your corporate or careers website. Giving candidates a consistent and seamless experience when applying for a job.

HubSpot Interview
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Verbal and Numerical Tests
  • Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • Mechanical Reasoning Tests
  • Fault Diagnosis Tests
  • Data Checking Tests
  • Situational Judgement Tests

The widest range of tests

Your assessment can include a huge range of different types of aptitude test , online assessment and interview. This flexibility enables you to create a tailor-made assessment, which accurately evaluates candidate suitability and expected performance in the role.

Choose from the full range of Saville Assessment tests, or have a bespoke aptitude test and video interview designed and built to your specific requirements.

Scoring and ranking

Candidate answers can be automatically scored against the criteria, competencies, strengths or behaviours you define as essential for the role.

A pass mark can be set for the overall assessment or individual tests. You can then apply rules to determine whether a candidate should progress with the assessment or be rejected at the end of the test or section.

  • Score against a competency framework
  • Automatically scores candidate answers
  • Weight scores based on relevance
  • Convert raw scores to standard scores
  • Pass or fail candidates automatically
Aptitude Test Feedback Report

Candidate feedback

Providing timely and constructive feedback to candidates is vital in today's increasingly competitive labour market.

With Tazio you can automatically send candidates a personalised email with a detailed feedback report on their performance in the assessment, including where appropriate, recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

Case study


Using a tailor-made Tazio assessment, SSE shortened time to hire and increased the quality of the candidates selected to be Smart Meter Installers.

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SSE Case Study

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