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Here at Tazio, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative assessment services and HR tech which engage and appeal to candidates, while delivering reliable, valid and objective results for recruiters and hiring managers.

Over the last seven years our expertise and 'can do' approach has made us the first choice for forward-looking employers and RPOs wanting affordable tailor-made assessment and HR technology.

So, whatever recruitment or employee development challenge you're looking to solve, we're always happy to have a chat and offer some fresh thinking.

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Our Specialities

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Aptitude Tests

We create tailor-made aptitude tests allowing you to objectively assess candidates for the knowledge and skills required to perform well in your job

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Realistic Job Previews

Candidates gain insight into your roles, helping them discover if it’s right for them. Reduce unsuitable applications and establish realistic expectations.

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Situational Judgement Tests

See how candidates respond to realistic work-related scenarios. SJTs are extremely useful predictors of job performance and cognitive ability.

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Video Interviewing

The best way to assess candidate's soft skills, motivation and culture fit - without the scheduling headaches of telephone screening or live interviews

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