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Benefits of Video Interviewing

With our automated video interviewing, you can see and hear candidates much earlier in the recruitment process. Video interviewing reduces time to hire and saves hiring managers time meeting unsuitable candidates. Tazio's video interviewing platform makes it easy to set up and invite candidates to a branded video interview that asks the questions you want candidates to answer. Other benefits include:

  • Speeds up your recruitment process
  • Improves quality of hire
  • Improves candidate perception of your brand
  • Reduces time wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates
  • Removes scheduling headaches

"We've been using Tazio for a couple of years to interview graduates. The service is so easy to use for both candidates and our recruiters. Using video interviews has saved us a huge amount of time."

Mark Duffy
Head of Talent Acquisition, Ryanair

Why Tazio Video Interviewing?

Tazio was one of the first to develop automated video interviewing back in 2010. Today we help hundreds of employers conduct thousands of video interviews every week.

As one of the pioneers of video interviewing , we understand the needs of recruiters, hiring managers and candidates better than anyone. Our global, enterprise-grade, video interviewing software is feature-packed, yet remains extremely user-friendly. With Tazio video interviewing you get:

  • Over 25 video interview templates - saving you time
  • Fully branded interviews - strengthing your brand
  • Random questions - to stop candidates previewing your interview
  • Video introductions - improving candidate engagement
  • Candidate scoring criteria - ensuring consistency
  • What's more, it's secure, scalable, mobile friendly and accessibility compliant

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