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Tazio's Video Interviewing Platform

Tazio was one of the first to develop an automated video interviewing platform back in 2010. Today, we help hundreds of employers conduct thousands of video interviews every week.

As one of the pioneers of video interviewing , we understand the needs of recruiters, hiring managers and candidates better than anyone. Our global, enterprise-grade, video interviewing platfrom is feature-packed, yet remains extremely user-friendly.

With the Tazio video interviewing platform you get:

  • Over 25 video interview templates - saving you time
  • Fully branded interviews - strengthing your brand
  • Random questions - to stop candidates previewing your interview
  • Video introductions - improving candidate engagement
  • Candidate scoring criteria - ensuring consistency
  • What's more, it's secure, scalable, mobile friendly and accessibility compliant

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Assessment Builder

The Assessment Builder makes creating video interviews quick and easy. With an intuitive user interface, you just select the question type you want, add the question text and answer options.

You can drag and drop questions to re-order them, randomise questions, set time limits for individual questions, include audio and video clips, animations and images

Plus, there are no limits to the number of questions, you can divide assessments into sections, ask respondents to upload supporting documents and much more.

Tazio Video Interviewing Platform Assessment Builder
Tazio Video Interviewing Platform Scoring Screenshot

Scoring and grading

Basic scoring lets you grade respondents answers using your preferred raw scoring scale, 1-10 for example. You can weight an answer's score as required.

You also have a range of advanced scoring options including criterion scoring - enabling you to score questions against multiple criteria, such as; competencies, behaviours, personality traits or skills

Analytics and reporting

At the heart of the Tazio video interviewing platform is its robust analytics and reporting, transforming raw data into meaningful insights, identifying trends and patterns.

Easily create all the reports you need with the built-in report builder. Filter data based on responses, assessments, users and groups. Then, define the data you want to display on the screen, export to a PDF, or download to a CSV file for further analysis.

 Tazio Video Interviewing Platform Analytics Screenshot
Tazio Video Interviewing Platform User Management Screenshot

User management

Tazio lets you add users as Managers, Authors, and Viewers. You can enable and disable privileges for individual users to suit your requirements.

You can group assessments and respondents, limiting access to certain users. For example, you could separate groups for recruitment, employee development or groups based on offices or countries.

This flexibility enables a single Tazio account to be used by different departments, each with different administrators and users. Senior managers can see all data and analytics from across the organisation, improving strategic planning and decision making.


Tazio lets you create branding templates for your assessments, emails and reports that perfectly match your corporate website and brand guidelines.

Add different branding templates to individual interviews. Perfect if you operate under more than one brand, or you're an agency or consultancy working with numerous clients.

Tazio Video Interviewing Platform Branding Screenshot

Security and integrations

Tazio is built on a secure and scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure hosted by Rackspace's ISO27001 datacentres.

All client to server connections are secured with SSL encryption, and all respondent and user personal identifiable data is encrypted

Tazio can be easily integrated with hundreds of other web services, including CRM, ATS, HRIS and LMS solutions with our configurable API or through Zapier.

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