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Online aptitude tests help you objectively identify the best candidates

Image of a Tazio aptitude test

Tazio lets you create your own online aptitude tests, or select from a range of tests provided by Saville Consulting. Using an online aptitude test increases the objectivity of your assessment and recruitment process.

Creating your own bespoke aptitude, or ability tests lets you assess candidates against the skills, competencies or strengths, you know are important for them to perform well in their role.

You can create and publish a wide range of online aptitude tests using Tazio including:

Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test is used to assess a candidate's ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information. They may also be used to check a candidate's spelling, grammar and understanding of analogies.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests typically assess a candidates understanding of basic arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics. In more advanced tests candidates may be shown charts or graphs and asked to interpret the results. For many roles, a good level of numerical reasoning is an important requirement.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract reasoning tests can be used as part of the recruitment processes to assess a candidate's general intellect and ability to work out new concepts and abstract ideas. They assess a candidate's ability to see the underlying logic in a pattern of symbols or shapes.

Abstract reasoning ability is believed to be a good indicator of a person's fluid intelligence, or their ability to learn things quickly. They are especially useful for roles that require a high level of problem solving and initiative.

Mechanical Reasoning Test

A mechanical reasoning, or mechanical comprehension test, is designed to assess a candidate's applied knowledge of common physical and mechanical principles.

They are typically used for technical and engineering roles, as they are a good indicator of candidate's current understanding and potential to do well in the role.

Fault Diagnosis Test

These tests are more specific to a role and are designed to assess a candidate's ability to identify and correctly select the appropriate repair in electronic and mechanical systems.

Data Checking

Used primarily for clerical and data input roles, a data checking test measures how quickly and accurately errors can be detected in example data by the candidate.

Candidates can complete your video interview online, on their tablet or mobile at a time that's best for them. You can then watch candidate's recorded answers, rating them against defined criteria, helping you find the best candidates faster.

Advantages of Online Aptitude Tests

Using online aptitude tests is a popular way of assessing a candidate's ability to perform well in the role. They have a number of other advantages when compared with paper-based tests.

Automatic scoring - Using Tazio's easy to use assessment builder you can score each answer given to a question. You can weight the scoring of questions to assign greater, or lesser importance to particular questions. The candidate's results and, whether or not they have passed, can be calculated and if required displayed instantly.

Easy access - Candidates can complete your test at a time that best suits them using their computer, tablet or even mobile phone.

Randomised questions - Tazio lets you create question sets and randomise the questions that appear each time the test is taken. This reduces the risk of candidates being able to prepare for the test in advance.


Online aptitude tests are a great way to quickly and objectively assess a candidate's suitability for a role. Furthermore, they can be included as part of a Tazio assessment, along side situational judgement tests and video interviewing, giving you an accurate assessment of each candidate.

Creating your own bespoke aptitude tests is not difficult in Tazio, however there are a number of considerations. Firstly, you will need to create a large volume of questions to allow for randomisation. You will need to validate your test by creating a norm group, this can be both time consuming and costly.

To give you all the advantages of online aptitude tests, without the hassle, we have partnered with Saville Consulting to give Tazio customers access to their extensive selection of online aptitude tests.

If you would like to find out more about online aptitude tests and how they could benefit your recruitment process, contact us today.

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