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For over eight years, Tazio has been working closely with employers and partners to develop a platform and portfolio of tools to improve candidate and employee assessment.

All our products are hosted and managed on the secure Tazio platform. As a result, you can combine assessments, tests and interviews and follow individuals from initial enquiry through to fully productive employees in one system.

Each product enjoys the same benefits, including full branding, comprehensive user management, flexible workflows, extensive management reporting and data analytics.

Aptitude tests are the most objective and reliable way of measuring an individual's ability to complete specific tasks.

They can test verbal or numerical reasoning, knowledge, skills and comprehension. Aptitude tests help you predict how well suited someone is to meet the demands of a role, and how quickly they will learn new skills.

Our experienced occupational psychologists design, validate and build your aptitude test so that it accurately assess a candidate for the skills required to perform well in your roles , not just their general aptitude.

All our aptitude tests are mobile-friendly and can be fully-branded. We can make your tests more engaging, more personal and more fun by including animated, audio or video introductions and instructions.

Aptitude Tests

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Realistic Job Previews

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Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) are a fantastic way to give candidates an overview of a “ day in the life ” of a particular role or your organisation more widely.

An effective realistic job preview presents both the good and bad aspects of a job. The objective is to provide candidates with an accurate picture of the role, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether or not the job is right for them.

Tazio creates engaging and immersive realistic job previews which excite and educate candidates.

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Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are a highly effective and increasingly popular way to predict the performance of prospective employees.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) assess a candidate's ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations. Candidates are presented with a series of realistic work-related scenarios, either as a video, animation or basic text description. They are asked to select their most and least effective responses from several possible actions.

Tazio works with a group of highly experienced occupational psychologists to create bespoke SJTs for recruitment and employee development.

Situational Judgement Tests

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Video Interviewing

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Tazio was one of the first to develop automated video interviewing back in 2010. Today we help hundreds of employers conduct thousands of video interviews every week.

As one of the pioneers of video interviewing , we understand the needs of recruiters, hiring managers and candidates better than anyone. Our global, enterprise-grade, video interviewing software is feature-packed, yet remains extremely user-friendly.

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