Realistic Job Previews

Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) are a fantastic way to give candidates an overview of a “day in the life” of a particular role, or your organisation more widely.

A good realistic job preview should provide candidates with an accurate picture of the role, allowing them to decide whether or not the job is right for them.

Candidates with a clear understanding of your role are more engaged, more likely to complete the recruitment process and onboard successfully.

To get started, you could just use a short video. These can easily be added to your careers site and shared on social media. However, a Tazio realistic job preview is far more engaging and immersive.

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What's included

  • Include 360 videos - allowing candidates to "look around"
  • Interactive routing - lets candidates discover "relevant" information
  • Dynamic content - display content based on candidate choices
  • Capture candidate details - enabling you to follow up with candidates
  • Display matching roles - encourage candidates to apply for suitable positions
  • What's more, they are mobile friendly and accessibility compliant

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When To Use A Realistic Job Preview

When candidates are also your customers

A realistic job preview can filter unsuitable candidates, without alienating them as customers. When a person decides for themselves that a role is not right for them, there is no negative feeling towards the company.

One well known mobile phone provider found that over 25% of the candidates they rejected that where customers, then cancelled their phone contracts.

When you have a high attrition rate

This applies in particular when employees leave in the first 12 months. When candidates don't fully appreciate the true nature of a role they are likely to move on. A high attrition rate in the early months is a reliable indicator that candidates are applying for the wrong positions.

When you offer a broad range of roles

Many well-known companies attract applications from candidates simply because they want to work for that "brand". If you have a wide range of roles available, a realistic job preview enables you to guide a candidate towards the right role for them.

How much do RJPs costs?

Costs vary depending on the options you select and the scope of the project. We aim to deliver a significant return on your investment, with a wide range of options to suit all budgets starting from less than £5,000.

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