Improving your recruitment process

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you'll know all about the challenges of recruitment.

Tazio has been working with employers, large and small, for over nine years to overcome these challenges.

We equip organisations with online tools that help them make objective hiring decisions. Simple as that.

Our approach consistently delivers higher quality candidates, resulting in a more productive, engaged workforce and happier recruiters and hiring managers.

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An objective selection process

Recruiting someone based on a CV, a 30-minute interview and a hunch just isn't reliable.

We help you develop a bespoke selection process using a combination of aptitude tests, situational judgement tests, video interviews and assessment centre exercises.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We'll recommend the most appropriate tools to identify the competencies, behaviours and motivations candidates need to be successful. These include:

Transforming candidate experience

Candidates are no longer willing to accept a protracted, time consuming recruitment process.

Our approach enables them to apply when and where it's convenient, on their computer, tablet or mobile.

Branded interviews; including video, audio and images, ensure candidates experience an engaging recruitment process with a clear understanding of your organisation’s culture and identity.

  • Mobile friendly - complete assessments on tablets and mobiles
  • Fully branded - strengthening your brand and engagement
  • Personalised feedback - reports detailing strengths and areas to improve
  • Multi-media - video, audio and images bring assessments to life
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Reducing recruiter workload

Say goodbye to hours spent sifting through CVs, telephone interviews at 8pm on a Friday, and first-round interviews with unsuitable, unmotivated candidates.

Instead, quickly see which candidates best match the profile of the ideal employee for that role. Watch their video interviews when it's convenient for you, and see who's a solid fit for the job, your culture and your organisation.

Removing so much time-consuming admin leaves you free to concentrate on the best candidates, improving the chances of recruiting the ideal person.

A brighter future

Getting recruitment right leads to higher productivity, better employee engagement and reduced turnover.

Tazio's unique approach to data-driven hiring means everything is measurable, as a result, you continually improve your recruitment process.

This virtuous circle means you reduce time to hire, improve recruit quality, and onboard talent more quickly.

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Let's get started

We're always happy to have an informal chat and share our insights on how to improve your recruitment, employee development and engagement.

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