7 top tips to improve your recruitment process

Tom Stroud By Tom Stroud on 02.11.2015
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If your attrition rate is high, productivity levels are low, employees disengaged, and agency costs are through the roof, it could be down to your recruitment process.

How you recruit has a direct impact on all the above, and also the profitability of the company. If you’re looking to improve your recruitment process take a look below at 7 top tips that Tazio have learnt from working with some of the smartest employers and best recruiters in the UK.

Following these tips will help you:-

  • attract the right candidates
  • identify those with the necessary knowledge, experience, skills & attitude
  • maximise engagement

TIP 1. Define the perfect candidate

Define the perfect candidate

Before you start recruiting, it’s important to examine and define the role; building up a detailed understanding of what skills, strengths and qualities you're looking for in the ideal candidate.

This needs to go beyond minimum qualifications or experience, by also considering, attitude, personal strengths, presentation and motivation. Collectively, this will ensure you have as close a match as possible to the candidate you have in mind.

If you already have people in post doing the same job, it would be worth interviewing your top performing employees to establish what skills, strengths and attitude they possess. Ask them, what is it about the role they enjoy, what drives them, what would they be looking for in the ideal colleague. The more you assess the current people you have, the more it will become obvious what it is the better performing ones share

TIP 2. Communicate the Role and Company

A common reason many employees leave within the first few weeks or months of starting a new job, is because the job or company is not what they were expecting. Employees departing in the first few months has an immediate cost implication, and the whole recruitment process needs to start again.

Describing an advertised role and introducing the company’s values & culture in the first place reduces the risk of any misunderstanding and increases the probability of attracting the right candidates. It also provides an opportunity to promote the company and to demonstrate an open, honest approach.

Including videos of current employees talking about the role, or better still producing a "life in the day of" style video, shows candidates exactly what the job entails and what to expect if they were to be successful.

TIP 3. Screen candidates but don’t rely purely on the CV

The majority of recruiters still review CVs as the first step in their recruitment process to filter candidates based on required qualifications and experience. This approach is fine as a preliminary step in building a profile but shouldn’t be used in isolation or be the only source of information. In reality, a CV is no more than a historical record of what a person has done in their career up to that point in time. CV’s are written by the candidate, (or professional CV writer), can be subjective, are not evidence-based and provide no opportunity to see the personal qualities of a candidate.

Recruiting a candidate based purely on their CV significantly increases the risk of a mismatch. Recruiters could find themselves in a position whereby the person they have hired proves to be nothing like the impression built from the CV and whose personal skills are wholly inadequate for the role.

TIP 4 Gain Evidence of skills

Test candidates skills

A well-written CV will magnify the real skills and experience of a candidate, and also conceal any weaknesses. It is only through effective questioning, and assessment techniques that an accurate reflection of a candidate achieved.

By requiring candidates to complete a skills test relevant to the role for which they are applying, will quickly sift out those who can walk the walk, from those who are bluffing.

With assessment platforms such as Tazio, it is possible to create a huge range of tests or assessments from core competencies and aptitude tests, through to situational judgement tests, role plays and simulations.

Enabling candidates to complete these tests online, as an early part of your recruitment process, will allow you to quickly identify those available candidates with the required skills and knowledge.

TIP 5. Include video interviews

Include a video interview

By now you've screened candidates against the competencies, skills and strengths identified at the start of the recruitment process. Now it's time to meet the candidate, assess their personal skills and see how their personality suits the requirements of the role, team or company.

However, meeting candidates face to face can be time-consuming, costly and often a frustrating exercise, when you consider the impact of scheduling, no-shows, and travel expenses. A cost efficient and practical alternative is to include video interviews as part of your online assessment process.

Video interviewing might not replace the final face to face interview but, with some well-chosen questions will quickly, accurately and securely give you valuable insight into a candidate's personality, attitude, soft skills, personal presentation and motivation.

TIP 6. Improve the candidate experience

With increasing skills shortages and a stronger job market, many candidates can be more selective in their job search. Allowing candidates to feel heard and valued is highly relevant if you are going to attract and engage with the best talent.

Using a talent management platform such as Tazio, enables you to create a simplified, more engaging and personalised candidate experience. Your entire recruitment process can be fully branded to match your website, corporate brand and message. Using video introductions, such as interviews with current employees, will give candidates a better insight into your company's culture and what it would be like to work for you.

Timely communication is even more important. Keeping candidates in the loop with personalised emails thanking them for their interest in the job, or confirming their application or assessment has been received, for example, will all enhance the candidate experience, which in turn positively reflects the company’s reputation as an employer.

TIP 7. Involve the whole team

Involving team members in the recruitment process can help with sourcing the best candidates by gaining a wider perspective and making more informed decisions.

Doing this earlier in the recruitment process can improve the initial screening stage and reduce the risk of unconscious bias or even discrimination. Developing a consensus regarding the relevant strengths and weaknesses of a candidate further into the process, reduces the danger of rejecting a potentially good candidate.

It can, of course, take more time to have candidates reviewed by more than one person, however, investing time up front can deliver significant savings later. Also, using a platform like Tazio makes it easy to share a candidate's details with the whole recruitment team. The results of assessments and recorded video interviews can be stored securely online, so recruiters don't need to be in the same office, or even on the same continent.

In Summary

Here at Tazio, we've been working closely with employers, recruitment agencies and RPO firms for over six years, developing a groundbreaking talent management & assessment platform. Our mission is to help organisations improve the quality of hire and maximise profitability through an efficient recruitment process. A systematic and robust recruitment process will help you to:-

  • identify the best candidates for each role
  • have access to the ‘pick of the best’ from the talent pool
  • maximise engagement & job satisfaction
  • reduce attrition rates and associated costs
  • improve reputation as an employer of choice

Ultimately, taking time to create a structured recruitment process with clearly defined objectives will save you time in the long run and keep your costs to a minimum. If you'd like to find out how you can effectively and efficiently manage your entire recruitment process with Tazio’s online assessment and video interview platform, please give us a call on 02922 331 888, or click below to schedule a call today.