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Benefits of video interviewing - the top ten

Tom Stroud By Tom Stroud on 12.06.2016
Candidate doing a video interview

The use of video interviewing has grown significantly over recent years - over 40% of employers now regularly use some form of video interviewing in their recruitment process.

So what are the benefits of video interviewing? Below is our list of the top ten:

1. Speeds up your recruitment process

Reducing time to hire by being able to connect with the best candidates as soon as possible is necessary for many employers. Especially for roles with talent shortages such as IT and Engineering.

Using video interviewing as the first stage of your recruitment process lets you engage with candidates much sooner. From a candidate's perspective, being asked to complete a video interview makes them more engaged and feel they are being considered for the role.

For the recruiter, being able to see and hear candidates within minutes of their application, allows you to identify the best candidates faster. You can then contact those candidates immediately, ideally before one of your competitors.

2. Improves quality of hire

One of the most significant benefits of video interviewing is its ability to enhance the quality of hire. Being able to interview all candidates that apply for a role, allows you to quickly and efficiently assess which are the best fit, not just which look good on paper.

Many candidates look great based on their CV alone, however, when you meet them, they don't live up to expectations. Being able to see and hear candidates at the start of the recruitment process allows you to make a more rounded judgement - giving you the opportunity to spot the best candidates earlier.

3. Improving candidate engagement with your brand

As the economy continues to improve, candidates can be more selective about where they work. Being able to present your brand in the strongest possible light is, therefore, vital if you are to attract and engage with the best candidates.

Using a fully branded interview, including video introductions and recorded questions, enables candidates to see your business in a good light. When candidates can see and hear existing employees talking about the role or the company, they become more engaged and enjoy a positive first experience of your brand.

Equally for many employers, those candidates applying for a role may also be a potential or existing customer. Giving them a good user experience of the application process, including timely and constructive feedback is important.

4. Reducing the number of candidate no-shows

Inviting candidates in for an interview, or arranging a telephone interview, only for them not to show up is frustrating and time-consuming. But with an online video interview, candidates complete the interview at a time that best suit them.

If they choose not to complete the interview, for whatever reason, you won't have wasted your time.

Also, as you review candidates video interviews you are better able to judge which candidates are genuinely interested in the role and, which are simply going through the motions.

5. No time wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates

We've all been there - a candidate walks through the door and within 30 seconds we know they're just going to fit. The vast majority of us are too polite to say, thanks but we're going to pass. Instead, we go through the whole interview process and waste everyone's time.

With a video interview you can watch the first 30 seconds of a candidate's interview, if you think they're just not suitable, simply move onto the next candidate.

6. No more scheduling headaches

Arranging face-to-face and telephone interviews is more often than not time-consuming and frustrating; especially when there are more than one interviewer's diaries to align.

With automated video interviews you simply send the candidates an invite via email, they then complete your interview at the time that best suits them.

7. Review and compare candidate's answers

Being able to review candidate's recorded video interviews more than once allows you to compare and contrast how each candidate has answered the same question.

If you're not 100% sure if a candidate is right for the role, you can have colleagues review their interview and give you a fresh perspective or opinion.

8. Consistent interview process

With all the questions set in advance, each candidate completes the same interview. They are given the same thinking and answer time ensuring a consistent process.

9. Reduces conscious and subconscious bias

No matter how professional and experienced an interviewer you are, it's almost impossible for subconscious bias not to affect the way we ask a candidate a question. It could be by something completely unrelated - your rushed and had no time to prepare because your train was 2 hours late that morning. This can have an effect on your mood and the way you interact with a candidate.

With a consistent interview process, all candidates answer the same questions, have the same thinking and answer time. This removes any variation in the interview process.

There is still, however, a potential for bias when recruiters or hiring managers are reviewing a candidate's answers. However, having more than one person review each candidate's interview, you can reduce this risk.

10. No geographical restrictions

With the increasing skills shortages and for some employers a limited local talent pool, particularly in sectors such as IT, engineering and healthcare, video interviewing offer the perfect solution.

You can interview candidates no matter where in the world they are - as long as they have access to the internet of course. You review their interviews online at a time that suits you, select your shortlist and only then, do you go to the expense of meeting them face-to-face.


There are a great many benefits of video interviewing for employers, which is why they have become so popular in recent years. Tazio is one of the pioneers of video interviewing with over six years experience providing video interviewing software to employers of all sizes and sectors.

If you would like to find out more about video interviewing and how it could benefit your recruitment process, click below to schedule a call today.