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Getting started with Tazio

Tom Stroud By Tom Stroud on 08.01.2016


If you're new to Tazio, the following will guide you through the basics and help you to get started.

Firstly what is Tazio? Quite simply, Tazio is free to use software which lets you create your own online assessments and video interviews for candidates, employees or customers to complete. It is amazingly flexible, making it ideal for a diverse range of uses including; candidate screening, employee engagement and performance management, to name but a few.

Below is a glossary of the commonly used terms within Tazio:

  • Assessments - is used to describe any assessment, interview, test or survey you create within Tazio. You can access your assessments from the main menu on the left of the screen.
  • Candidates - refers to any jobseeker, applicant or employee who has completed one of your assessments. Candidates could also be your employees that have completed your employee engagement survey or similar.
  • Applications - these are the completed assessments your candidates or employees have done. Candidates may have more than one application for the same assessment.
  • Questions - okay pretty obvious, however its important to know you have a huge range of different question types to choose from to build your assessment.
  • Status - you can assign applications to a status as part of your workflow. For example you may place unsuitable candidates in a "with regret status".
  • Groups - allows you to organise your assessments to fit in with your business structure. You can create your own groups based on location, office, customer, or whatever you need.

Creating an assessment

To create your first assessment, interview or test click on the Assessments Link in the main menu on the left of the screen. This will open the Assessments Screen, as shown in the image below. Click on the "Add Assessment" button to open the Assessment Builder.

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Add a reference for your assessment in the ‘Reference Box’.

Give your assessment a title, typically this will be the job title of the role for which you're recruiting. If you're creating an employee engagement survey, it could be "2016 Employee Feedback Survey", for example. Enter this into the ‘Title’ box.

Note: Both the reference and the title appear on the login screen displayed to candidates and employees.

Select the branding template you want to use from the drop-down box labelled ‘Select Branding’. Branding templates can be created and edited in the Administration page of Tazio.

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Advanced options

There are a number of advanced options you can select for your assessment. Tick the box next to the option to select it. Mouse over the relevant Info icon to view a full description of each option.

Note: Custom Branding and some of the advanced options are only available on paid accounts

Introduction, Conclusion and Email Settings

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Now enter your Introduction, Conclusion and Email text into the input boxes below. The Introduction text is the first screen a candidate or employee sees when they first login. Following the text you type in here, the candidate will see the following sentence ‘Once you are ready to start the interview, press the continue button. Good luck’ added after it.

The Conclusion text screen appears at the very end of the assessment and is your opportunity to thank the candidate / employee for completing the assessment and explain what they can expect to happen next.

The email is sent to candidates / employees once they have completed the assessment. You can personalise the email by adding placeholders which display the candidate or employees First Name, Surname and the Assessment Title. If your assessment is scored, you can also choose to insert the candidate / employee's Score.

Adding questions

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Now add your questions from the green ‘Add Question’ button on the right of the screen. Clicking on a question type will add one question of that type to the question list.

Clicking on the question in the list will display the details for that question. Here you can add your question text and select the Thinking and Answer times the candidates / employees have for that question. Leaving the Thinking and Answer times blank, will make them unlimited.

Save and publish

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The Start Date will automatically load the current date and time, however you can change this to a later date, preventing anyone completing the assessment / interview until after that date. You also have the option of choosing a ‘Close Date’, if nothing is set here, the assessment / interview will be available indefinitely.

You're now ready to save your assessment / interview using either the Save as Draft or Save and Publish buttons. Save as Draft will save your assessment but allow you to edit and make changes. As a draft assessment, no data will be saved by anyone completing the assessment. Save and Publish saves the assessment and all data entered will be saved.

Once published, you can still make some changes to the published assessment including the Reference, Title, Branding, some of the advanced options, Pass and Fail status and the Start and Close date. However, you can't change the questions.


Now you've created your first assessment you can start inviting candidates or employees by sharing the invite link. You can send the link out via email, text, post it to your careers site or job board.

To find out more about creating assessments in Tazio and the advanced options available, give us a call on 0844 493 5560 or email us at success@tazio.co.uk

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