Shopping around for technology in retail recruitment

Louise Moseley By Louise Moseley on 18.04.2016
Candidate doing a video interview

Analysing traditional recruitment methods, from the point of advertisement to job offer, can reveal an average of fifteen separate functions, with companies quoting an average of 23 days to hire.

This long, drawn out method is a heavy drain on time, can be hugely expensive and, often involves some degree of organisational disruption.

The constant pressure on HR departments & recruiters to be cost accountable, places those departments in an almost impossible position when relying on a traditional approach to recruitment, with many now considering alternative methods.

Retail organisations, particularly those who attract large numbers of applicants, or who experience high levels of turnover; are increasingly introducing an element of technology into their recruitment screening processes, with some even taking the step of making the whole process digital.

Online assessments in their simplest form can eliminate altogether, the manual screening of CV’s.

By using just a handful of online questions to immediately establish eligibility, knowledge levels and relevant experience, it’s possible to slash the number of man hours previously used to screen and shortlist applicants.

A more detailed assessment, involving a selection of job specific questions, scored criteria questioning, or situational judgement tests, has the added benefit of removing the need for telephone interviewing and even first stage face to face interviews. At this point, recruiters will have a selection of relevantly screened candidates who can then be interviewed further, or even hired.

Using video as part of the assessment process, takes recruitment to a completely different level and gives companies the opportunity to assess the personal and presentation skills of candidates. Furthermore, the flexibility of video interviewing can reduce, or in some cases remove, the need for face to face interviews.

Retail companies using online interview platforms report a significant reduction in the number of candidates not turning up for interviews, and in some cases this risk is removed completely.

Equally important, those companies are valuing the opportunity to securely share the online interviews of candidates with line managers and decision makers; resulting in more balanced, informed and compliant decisions being made.

For retailers looking to radically streamline their recruitment processes, reduce time to hire, improve the quality of hire and, ultimately costs; technology without doubt, has a role to play.

For the past five years, Tazio has been helping retail companies introduce technology into their recruitment process. We recognise the complexities of the retail industry, and the differing needs of our customers; which has resulted in a completely flexible, easy to use, robust recruitment platform which is rapidly building the confidence and accountability of retail recruiters across the UK, Europe and the USA.

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