Situational judgement tests let you objectively test candidates suitability for a job

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Situational judgement tests are a highly effective and increasingly popular way to predict the performance of prospective employees.

Situational judgement tests assess a candidate's ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations.

Candidates are presented with a series of realistic work-related scenarios, either as a video, animation or simple text description. They are then asked to select their most and least effective responses from several possible actions.

The benefits of using situational judgement tests include:

  • Their results provide a more accurate prediction of employee performance
  • Automatic scoring means their results are unbiased and error free
  • Results can be linked to competencies, which can be mapped to the requirements of the role
  • It's easy to invite candidates to take tests, track their progress and view scores
  • Using a situational judgement test increases retention rates in successful candidates

Ready-to-use situational judgement tests

Tazio has partnered with the UK's leading providers of situational judgement tests, Saville Consulting, TMP Worldwide and Lane4. Together we have developed a series of ready-to-use situational judgement tests for a range of popular roles:

  • Graduate - tests the core competencies required to perform well on graduate programmes
  • Retail - identifies those candidates who will perform well in retail sales roles
  • Customer service - finds those who will deliver excellent customer service
  • Leadership potential - identifies the candidates, or employees with leadership potential

Each test presents the candidate with a series of videos depicting typical job related scenarios, randomly selected from an extensive library. This removes the risk of candidates finding out the questions in advance and gaining an advantage.

Each test is designed to assess candidates against the competencies, strengths and behaviours required to perform well in the relevant role.

At the end of the test, candidates are sent a detailed feedback report, explaining how they performed and where appropriate, provides suggestions and advice on how they might improve.

Recruiters receive a candidate report showing their score for each competency and how this compares with the average for that test.

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Bespoke situational judgement tests

Designing a test that incorporates aspects of your culture, values and 'how you operate', means your test is measuring what's important to you, adding significant value to your recruitment process.

Working with one of our partners, we can design a test specific to your organisation, department, or an individual role. Alternatively if you have the expertise in-house, you can easily create and manage your test on the Tazio platform.

Creating your own tests also gives candidates a realistic job preview early on in the recruitment process. Offering a job preview has been shown to increase retention rates in successful candidates.


Situational judgement tests are a great way to quickly and objectively assess the suitability of candidates for a role, in particular where you have high volumes of applications.

Tazio offer you the choice of ready-to-use and bespoke tests designed by the UK's leading providers of situational judgement tests.

All tests are extensively branded with your corporate identity and can be integrated seamlessly with your existing ATS or HR software.

Finally, you can combine situational judgement tests with aptitude tests and video interviewing to create a comprehensive recruitment process, in a single online assessment.

To find out more about situational judgement tests and how they could benefit your recruitment process, contact us today.

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