Situational judgement test - evaluate behaviour

A situational judgement test (SJT) lets you see how a person is inclined to behave in a range of workplace situations.

You’ll discover a candidate’s natural strengths and weakness, allowing you to make an informed decision about how suitable they are for the role.

Using Tazio, you can create and host your SJTs. Alternatively, our team of occupational psychologists can design one for you, focused on specific job roles, competencies and behaviours.

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Situational Judgement Test Illustration

Example Situational Judgement Test Question

How does a situational judgement test work?

Candidates are given a series of realistic, work-related scenarios. These can be in an audio, video, animation, or simple text format.

They’re asked to choose the most effective and least effective responses to those scenarios or rate actions in order of preference.

What does a situational judgement test measure?

It’s all about assessing a candidate’s behaviour when he or she is faced with a situation they are likely to experience as part of the role.

Questions should reflect the types of challenges that the role they’re applying for will present. Does the candidate respond to those situations in the ‘right’ way?

Example Situational Judgement Test Question

What will a situational judgement test tell me?

Because the test enables you to accurately predict how a person will respond to situations, based on their response to hypothetical scenarios, you’ll discover whether or not the candidate has the desired attributes and behaviours.

Each person’s score is calculated automatically, so you get a reliable and objective indication of how they performed. Reports will also tell you how each candidate’s score compares with the average for that test.

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