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Tazio includes an extensive range of online assessment, testing and interview tools. Combined with the expertise of our network of partners, we can solve any talent acquisition or development challenge.

Our online assessments, tests and video interviews enable you to objectively evaluate candidates and employees. Helping you quickly identify the best qualified person for a given role.

Hosted on Tazio online assessment platform, all our solutions can be fully branded and personalised. They can also be seamlessly integrated with your applicant tracking and HCM systems, reducing your workload.

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Recruitment challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes off-the-shelf assessments and tests can't always provide a practical solution.

Developing a tailor-made assessment process can be less expensive than you think. With improvements to candidate quality and a reduction in time to hire, the return on investment can be substantial.

Bespoke assessment development

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Contact centre recruitment

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Tazio has a wealth of experience in contact centre recruitment. Our approach of combining role specific tests; numerical and verbal reasoning, error checking and data processing with a short video interview, is proven to improve candidate engagement, reduce time to, and cost per hire.

Identifying the best suited candidates significantly reduces employee turnover, particularly in the first year, as well as accelerating on-boarding.

Graduate recruitment has many challenges. Whether it's too many applications, candidates accepting multiple job offers or not enough quality candidates making it to assessment centre.

Our graduate focused tests, assessments and video interviews are proven to shorten time to hire, help you objectively identify the best suited candidates and deliver a great candidate experience.

Graduate recruitment

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Leadership development

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Tazio works closely with experts in the field of leadership development to develop assessments, tests and interviews to meet your unique requirements.

We offer the tools and experience to help you to find the very best talent from within your organisation more efficiently.

Our range of online assessments, tests and video interviews enable you to efficiently sift large numbers of applications. Helping you quickly identify the most suitable candidates to take forward to the later stages of selection.

Volume recruitment

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