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Tazio's video interviewing platform makes screening candidates up to 8x faster

Tazio's Video Interviewing Platform

Using our video interviewing platform, recruiters and hiring managers can to see and hear candidates earlier in the recruitment process.

Tazio's video interviewing platform lets your create your own video interviews in minutes. Other benefits include:

  • Replace time consuming telephone interviews
  • See and hear the best candidates faster
  • Improve candidate engagement with your brand
  • Reduce the number of candidate no-shows
  • Share candidates video interviews with hiring managers

Candidates are able to complete your video interview online, on their tablet or mobile at a time convienent for them. Once they've saved their answers, you can watch them online, rate them and add comments - helping you find the right candidates up to 8x faster.

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Use Tazio's video interviewing platform to screen candidates up to 8x faster.

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