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The best video interviewing software will ease your workload, improve candidate engagement and reduce time to hire.

Video interviewing is proven to deliver a more efficient recruitment process. Recruiters and hiring managers can see and here candidates, without having to arrange a phone or face to face interviews. Here's what you should look out for:

  • Established software which is reliable and scalable
  • Full branding so you can promote your brand
  • Interview templates will save you time creating new campaigns
  • A dedicated customer success team to support you
  • Comprehensive candidate support to sort technical issues
  • Video introductions and questions with video clips
  • Ensure your supplier is GDPR compliant

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How does video interviewing work?

Our video interview platform lets you set up and invite candidates to a company-branded video interview, in minutes. Load your questions, and you’re ready to go.

There’s lots of flexibility, so you can tailor one of our template interviews to include questions that are specific to the job or to your organisation.

Or you can start from scratch, compiling your own questions. All that’s then left to do is to decide whether to ask questions using audio, video or text.

Our technology supports Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, so candidates can decide when and where to ‘meet’ you.

What will video interviewing give me?

Everything that a face-to-face interview would, bar a handshake. You’ll get to know the candidate. You’ll see their soft skills, and understand their motivation.

The software can be programmed to score candidates against defined competencies, so you can see instantly how they compare with others.

And, because each candidate is asked the same questions in the same way, video interviews help encourage diversity and reduce employer bias.

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  • Question library create your interviews in minutes
  • Promote your brand create your own branding - all for free
  • Randomised questions ideal for high volume campaigns
  • Video intros & questions improves candidate engagement
  • Fantastic support always here for you and your candidates
  • GDPR compliant your data's secure with reliable UK hosting
  • Affordable transparent, excellent value pricing delivers significant ROI
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    Why choose Tazio for video interviewing?

    Firstly, we're one of the pioneers of video interviewing, with over eight years of experience and millions of video interviews completed, for thousands of employers.

    We make it so easy for you to set up and invite candidates to your own, fully branded video interview. Simply select one of our professional templates, then add your introduction and job specific questions, or start from scratch using your questions.

    We're widely recognised as the most flexible and adaptable video interview platform, we offer an unparalleled feature list.

    What our customers say

    "I first introduced Tazio to the recruitment process at Telent when our main project needed 6 Project Managers on board quickly.

    Tazio provided the solution as it replaced the initial telephone screening that the Manager would have had to do. On completion of the Tazio Video, the Manager could make a decision in terms of moving straight onto face to face interviews.

    Within 5 weeks we had all 6 on board. I should also add that we continue to utilize it as a valuable part of our process"

    Berni Albrighton
    Internal Recruiter

    "We've been using Tazio for a couple of years to interview graduates. The service is straightforward to use for both candidates and our recruiters. Using video interviews has saved us a huge amount of time."

    Mark Duffy
    Head of Talent Acquisition

    "It's amazingly simple to use. The candidates understand it. No downloads necessary. Lots of different functions and interview methods available. Easy to modify templates. No glitches, no down time, it always works. The customer care is fast, responsive and often out of hours. I longlisted several systems before deciding this one was the one to buy and we are all really pleased with it!"

    Francesca Tolcher
    Operation Manager, Loyal Retainers

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    We're always happy to have a chat about video interviewing, and how it can benefit your recruitment, employee development and engagement.

    Give us a call on 02922 331 888 or email us at

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