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Are you feed up with meeting unsuitable candidates? Is your recruitment process too time-consuming? Are you losing the best candidates?

Tazio's online video interviews eliminate all these problems, bringing efficiency and clarity to your hiring.

Video Interviewing

What happens when your recruitment process doesn't work?

1. Longer time to hire

An overly complicated, inefficient recruitment process means more work for recruiters and a longer time to hire.

2. Poor candidate experience

Expecting candidates to take time off work for an interview, leads to delays and a bad feeling towards your brand.

3. Higher costs

Failing to identify the best candidates quickly, means you need to attract more applications, costing more money.

We help you avoid these costly mistakes

Make the right hiring decisions, faster

Tazio enables you to more efficiently identify the best applicants, reducing time to hire while at the same time improving candidate quality.

Remove the uncertainty, fill roles more quickly with the best candidates and reduce time to hire, saving you valuable time and money.

Improve candidate experience

Your entire recruitment process is fully branded and mobile-friendly. You can include video, audio and images, ensuring an engaging and positive candidate experience.

Engaged candidates are more likely to accept your offer, stay longer in the role and recommend you as an employer of choice to friends and family.

Make your life easier

Replace telephone screening and reduce face-to-face interviews. Use video interviews to get to know a candidate. Observe their soft skills and understand their motivation.

Our video interviewing software lets you score candidates against defined competencies. You see instantly how they compare and can choose to meet only the best.

We care about you, and your candidates

We've helped hundreds of employers improve their recruitment process with video interviews.

Below are just a few of the organisations that trust Tazio today.

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What our customers say

"I first introduced Tazio to the recruitment process at Telent to replace the initial telephone screening.

On completion of the Tazio interview, Managers can now make a decision in terms of moving straight onto face to face interviews.

Berni Albrighton

Berni Albrighton
Internal Recruiter

"We've been using Tazio for a couple of years to interview graduates. The service is straightforward to use for both candidates and our recruiters.

Using video interviews has certainly saved us a huge amount of time."

Mark Duffy

Mark Duffy
Head of Talent Acquisition

"It's amazingly simple to use. The candidates understand it. No downloads necessary. Lots of different functions and interview methods available.

I longlisted several systems before deciding this one was the one to buy and we are all really pleased with it!"

Francesca Tolcher

Francesca Tolcher
Operations Manager

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