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Video interview software

Tom Stroud By Tom Stroud on 12.03.2018
Video Interview Software

As a recruiter, video interviewing is likely to be on your radar. It's increasingly being used by employers to reduce time to hire and streamline their recruitment process. So if you are considering video interview software, here is what you need to know.

  • What is video interview software?
  • What you should look for
  • Who offers video interview software
  • What can you expect to pay

What is video interview software?

Video interview software is web-based software that allows you to ask candidates a series of questions and have them record their answers using a webcam, mobile or tablet.

Typically, recruiters use video interviews to replace telephone or first round interviews. Candidates can do their interview at a time convenient for them, and because they are fully automated, recruiters don't need to schedule them in advance.

What you should look for

There is a wide choice of video interview software to choose from. When comparing products you should look for the following features:

Flexible question and answer timing
Depending on the type of question, you will want to give candidates different amounts of time to think and then answer.

Ask questions using a video clip, as well as text.
Using video to ask your questions dramatically improves candidate engagement and experience, as well as reducing the risk of candidates misunderstanding the question.

Top tip:Having an employee currently in the role ask the questions works best. Use a mobile phone or tablet to record them. The picture quality should be excellent, just make sure the audio is nice and clear.

Being able to randomise questions
If you are using video interviewing for high volume campaigns, such as a graduate program, being able to randomise questions is crucial to avoid candidates finding out in advance the questions.

Branding and personalisation
Branding your video interviews is essential to ensure candidates receive a consistent user experience throughout the recruitment process. The best products let you replicate the look and feel of your careers website.

Video introductions
Video introductions are a fantastic way to show candidates what the job is like, give an insight into your corporate culture, and where they will be working. You don't need to hire Steven Spielberg, a short video recorded using a phone or tablet can be perfectly adequate.

Rating and scoring
You should be able to rate each candidate answer, as well as add your comments. Tazio also allows you to evaluate responses to multiple criteria, 'motivation' and 'presentation', for example. Adding reviewer notes for questions ensures your reviewers are rating candidates consistently.

Timely feedback
One of the most common complaints from candidates remains a lack of feedback from employers. Being able to send personalised emails to candidates confirming you've received their interview when you've reviewed it and what the outcome was, is essential.

Great technical support
Candidates can use video interview software on a vast range of devices, so being able to support those who have technical problems is vital. Most common issues involve connecting cameras and doing interviews using unstable internet connections.

Who offers video interview software

In recent years we've seen lots of new companies popping up offering video interview software. Most of these come and go within a couple of years. However, in addition to Tazio, there are a few established companies you may want to consider.

  • HireVue
  • Sonru
  • Sparkhire
  • Montage
  • VidCruiter

What can you expect to pay?

The price you will pay can vary considerably, depending on how you choose, what your usage is and what functionality you need. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay between £3-5 per candidate based on average volumes.

Here at Tazio, we have transparent pricing designed to offer exceptional value for money to employers of all sizes.

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