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Tom Stroud By Tom Stroud on 11.04.2018
Video interviewing on a tablet

Video interviewing is increasingly being used by employers to screen candidates. In fact, the latest figures suggest over 40% of employers using some form of video interviewing to reduce time to hire and streamline their recruitment process. If you want to know more about video interviews, here's our quick guide.

What is video interviewing

Video interviewing is where you ask candidates questions online and they record their answers using a webcam, mobile or tablet. Video interviews can be either live, the same as a video conference, or automated, where the questions appear on screen either as video or text.

Recruiters are using video interviewing to replace telephone or first round interviews. With automated video interviews, this allows candidates to do their interview when it suits them, and recruiters don't need to schedule them in advance.

You can use web based video conferencing tools such as Skype or FaceTime to do video interviews. However, for doing automated video interviews there is a wide range of video interview software available.

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What are the benefits of video interviewing

Video interviewing offers many significant benefits for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers :

Removes scheduling headaches

Scheduling live and telephone interviews with candidates can be time consuming, slowing down the recruitment process. With automated video interviewing, you simply send the candidate a link and they do the interview when it's convenient for them.

Reduced time to hire

Eliminating the need to schedule interviews, speeds up the recruitment process. Also, being able to see and hear candidates earlier in the process means you can more quickly identify the best candidates and get them in for an interview or assessment centre.

Give candidates a few days to complete their interview, you can then screen out the poor candidates and share the best with your hiring managers. They don't need to make time available to meet candidates, instead they simply login and review their videos.

Lowers cost of recruitment

Video interviews are extremely cost-effective, typically a video interview costs only 20-25% of the cost of a telephone interview or face to face interview.

Improves consistency

Because candidates are all asked the same questions, given the same thinking and answer time, your interviews are totally consistent. This consistency also reduces the potential for conscious or unconscious bias.

Improves candidate experience

For candidates, being able to complete their interview at a time that suits them improves their experience. Also, with interviews fully branded and the use of video introduction and video questions, candidates enjoy a consistent more engaging experience of your brand and culture.

In this article, we discuss the full benefits of video interviewing.

When do video interviews work best

Video interviewing works well for most types of job. In particular, graduate roles, sales jobs and customer service roles are ideal for video interviews as they allow you to screen high numbers of candidates quickly and cost-effectively.

For unskilled jobs or roles that don't require candidates to work as part of team or interact with the public, they are less successful.

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What can you expect to pay?

The price you will pay can vary considerably, depending on the software provider you choose, what your usage is and what functionality you need. However, as a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay between £3-5 per candidate based on average volumes.

Here at Tazio, we have transparent pricing designed to offer exceptional value for money to employers of all sizes.

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