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Take the guesswork out of your recruitment

Tazio's people analytics and online assessment platform helps you identify the ideal candidate, with greater certainty than ever before.

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You find the right employee - every time!

For recruiters and hiring managers, choosing the right candidate can feel like a leap of faith. Will the successful candidate perform as hoped, will they fit in with your team, will they still be with you in six months?

With Tazio, you have the tools and expertise to make the right choice every time. We enable you to make objective hiring decisions, based on an assessment of all the factors, supported by reliable evidence.

Candidate benefits

  • Mobile friendly recruitment process
  • Provides greater insight into the role
  • Completed at a convenient time
  • Gives timely & meaningful feedback

Recruiter benefits

  • Reduces time to hire by up to 50%
  • Cuts recruiter administration
  • Eliminates scheduling headaches
  • Improves candidate engagement

Business benefits

  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Accelerates employee onboarding
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Rapid and significant ROI

Customers we have worked with

We work with customers of all sizes. Here are some of the happy customers we have helped to improve the quality of their hiring decisions:

Our process - delivering objective assessments

1. Define requirements

The first step is to determine the demands of the role. What skills, experience or particular knowledge is required to do the job.

We then help you to identify the competencies, skills, behaviours and strengths of the perfect employee for that role.

2. Design and build

The second step you, or one of our network of occupational psychologists, design your assessment/interview process.

The questions, criteria and scoring framework is intended to test candidates objectively against the factors identified in Step 1.

3. Test and improve

Step three is refining your assessments or interviews to ensure the process delivers consistent and objective results.

We also focus on providing an engaging candidate experience that reflects your core values and builds confidence in your brand.

Isn't it time you started making smarter, more objective hiring decisions?

We help you enhance your recruitment process, so you hire the right candidate every time

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Tazio, one platform - infinite uses

Candidate screening

Quickly filter candidates by testing their knowledge, competencies, strengths and behaviours with online assessments

Video interviewing

Include video questions to evaluate a candidate's soft skills, motivation and cultural fit with your organisation

Situational judgement tests (SJTs)

See how candidates and employees deal with real work-based scenarios presented as text, images or video

People analytics

Improve hiring decisions and people development using objective data and predictive modelling

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Make smarter hiring decisions based on objective assessment

We help you improve your recruitment process, so you hire the right candidate every time

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