A Combined Talent Platform Ensuring Greater Insight And Smarter Decisions

How large employers attract, engage and manage talent has changed rapidly due to COVID-19, workplace and social changes.

Yet, most employers lack a complete picture of the existing skills and abilities of their workforce.

Without knowing the capabilities you have, and where the gaps are, your entire talent strategy is guesswork.

Tazio clearly shows you the current, and potential capabilities of every candidate, employee and contractor engaged with your organisation.

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Getting your talent strategy wrong threatens your future

1. High employee attrition

Get your hiring decisions wrong, fail to develop and promote the right people, and attrition rates increase.

2. More expensive recruitment

A high turnover means more vacancies to fill, harming your employer brand, making talent attraction more expensive.

3. Lower productivity

Employees working in unsuitable jobs are far less productive than those in the right role for their skills and experience.

We help you to avoid these harmful issues

You'll make better hiring decisions

Our talent optimisation platform enables you to identify the skills and capabilities needed for each role, then objectively match the best applicants.

Removing the uncertainty means you fill roles with the most suitable people, resulting in increased productivity, reduced attrition and lower costs.

Candidate experience is improved

To attract and engage the best candidates, your entire recruitment process must be effortless.

Tazio is fully branded to match your careers site, ensuring seamless progress through the process. You can incorporate video, audio and images, to create a highly engaging candidate experience.

Studies show that candidates who enjoy a positive recruitment experience are more likely to accept your offer and recommend you as an employer.

Greater insight and less admin

You can quickly analyse data from every element of your assessment and recruitment process to see the impact of your talent strategy.

Having access to all your relevant talent data in one platform allows you to develop a more efficient and objective, data-driven talent strategy.

Equally important, we focus on reducing your workload. You then spend less time on admin, and more time engaging, nurturing and developing the very best talent.

We align our success with your success.

We've helped hundreds of employers improve their talent acquisition, development and engagement strategy. Their ongoing success drives our long term growth.

Below are just a few of the organisations that trust Tazio today.

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The Ultimate Guide To Virtual Recruitment

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