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Are you overlooking the perfect candidate?

Recruiting candidates based solely on their CV, application form or interview means you could well be missing the best candidates.

Tazio is the one platform to combine aptitude, psychometric and situational judgement tests with paperless assessment centres and video interviewing. Giving you the tools you need to identify the best candidates more quickly and efficiently.

However, Tazio is more than just fantastic software. We are committed to giving you the expert advice, assistance and technical support to ensure you find your perfect employees, everytime.

Below are just a few of the employers who already trust Tazio:

So whether you’re screening thousands of graduates, shortlisting your next Operations Director or identifying future leaders, you get the tools and support to solve even the most demanding challenges - making your life a little easier.

What sets Tazio apart

Assessments, Tests and Interviews

With our help, you will quickly identify the best candidates, using the most appropriate assessments and tests, configured to your specific hiring needs.

Using pre-employment assessments are proven to save you time, no more meeting unsuitable candidates. Plus, faster time to hire and an improved quality of candidate.

Choose from:

  • Psychometric tests - appraise personality and work fit
  • Situational judgement - assess response to work scenarios
  • Aptitude test - evaluate cognitive and problem-solving abilities
  • Language tests - determine candidates language proficiency
  • Skills testing - test the skills needed to perform well in the role
  • Video interviews - check a candidate is a good cultural fit

Enhancing Candidate Experience

With Tazio, candidates can complete your assessment or test when it's convenient, on their computer, tablet or mobile.

Assessments are fully branded and can include video, audio and images, delivering a seamless and engaging assessment process ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Provide detailed, personalised feedback to candidates via email and PDF reports, showing them their strengths and areas to improve, making the hiring experience relevant and beneficial.

  • Mobile friendly - complete assessments on tablets and mobiles
  • Fully branded - strengthening your brand and engagement
  • Personalised feedback - reports detailing strengths and areas to improve
  • Multi-media - include video, audio and images to bring assessment to life

Analysis and Reporting

You can analyse every element of your data, from each assessment, test and your entire recruitment process. See all the data needed to deliver efficient data-driven recruitment.

With integral data visualisation, report builder and advanced system reports, you have all the information needed to make genuinely objective hiring decisions.

  • Data visualisation - quickly identify trends and vital information
  • Report builder - design custom reports in minutes
  • Data export - download data in .csv files
  • Branded reports - create fully branded PDF reports
  • Candidate feedback - send candidates personalised feedback

Integrations & Security

Tazio integrates seamlessly with your ATS, HR and business management software, at no extra cost. There's no need to replace your existing software; we extend its functionality.

Tazio has been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold certification. The Tazio platform is built on enterprise grade infrastructure hosted by Rackspace, ensuring maximum uptime and security of your data.

  • Tazio is Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Gold certified
  • PCI DSS, ISO27001 and ISAE 3402 Type II UK data centres
  • Hourly data backups with full disaster recovery
  • Capable of handling the largest campaigns
  • Integrates with any third party software
  • Flexible, secure RESTful API


You're not on your own; we're there every step of the way to ensure you get the most from our software. Your dedicated customer success manager is here to answer your questions, provide support and advice.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer and candidate support in the industry. Our help desk includes over 90 articles and our support bot 'Milly" answers 95% of candidate queries, ensuring a stress-free candidate experience.

  • Customer success - dedicated customer success manager
  • Online helpdesk - over 90 articles provide answers and advice
  • Candidate Support Bot - solves over 95% of technical queries

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