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How the NHS used Tazio to eliminate paperwork from their assessment centres and improve efficiency.

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The challenge

Each year the Leadership Academy run the NHS Graduate recruitment campaign which attracts thousands of applicants for a range of specialisms throughout the organisation. Around two thousand applicants were invited to the first stage interview.

Following this successful video interview stage, the candidates were reviewed, and around 800 selected to attend one of their 26 assessment centres that took place in March 2019.

Previously the Assessment Centres had been scored with the 50 strong assessor team using traditional paper-based systems. The Leadership Academy was keen to reduce the level of admin surrounding the process and improve both candidate experience and assessor consistency.

Tazio was tasked with providing a new method for Assessment Centre reviewing and reporting.

About the NHS

As the largest employer in the UK with 1.5 million employees across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, recruitment processes are integral to the success of the organisation.

The NHS Leadership Academy Team are responsible for attracting and nurturing the next generation of NHS talent. As such they are continually searching for innovative ways to improve both candidate selection and experience.

The solution

Tazio’s Virtual Assessment Centre platform. It allows assessors to review, score, comment and report as candidates move through their Assessment Centre activities.

Various exercises can be scored from role play to panel interview. Tazio’s Online Assessments can also be linked to a Virtual Assessment Centre for on-the-day AC testing.

Assessors are guided through the scoring process by following the pre-loaded scoring matrix. Each competency can be scored against predetermined positive and negative indicators.

To ensure all candidates are appropriately marked the system auto-flags missed competencies so the assessor can quickly return and enter the missing ratings.

Assessors may add individual notes throughout the exercises as well as at the end, listing strengths or areas for development.

As the AC administrator, you can use the Overview function to see who has completed and been scored for, each exercise. This avoids oversights from both sides:

Candidate progress is monitored throughout the AC, so no-one misses a crucial exercise. Assessors can be tracked to see whom they have scored and who is still to be scored.

Tazio’s powerful reporting function allows assessors to compare performance and generate branded reports to determine who will progress to the next stage in the recruitment process.

Scoring Screen

The outcome

Going paperless has meant AC admin time has been reduced and assessor follow up discussions simplified by the clear and consistent candidate overview function.

Multiple assessors each follow identical paths through the AC, so consistency is guaranteed.

Any assessor bias can be quickly identified by the AC administrator using the competency overview function.

Candidates receive concise and professional feedback which is provided in a branded report format.

Favourite features

The NHS use Virtual Assessment Centres, and their favourite features include:

  • Pre AC training for Assessors and online ‘How to” video guide
  • Tracking candidates and ‘catching’ missed scores for particular exercise elements
  • Branded report for candidate feedback
  • Online and phone support throughout the AC run time.

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