Take control of your employee development

Are your employees achieving their potential? Are they in the role best suited to their skills? Who are your future leaders?

Understanding the skills and potential of your workforce is essential to maximise productivity and employee engagement. However, how do you measure potential?

Through our assessments, tests and development centre software, we help you see where your employees will perform best, thrive and grow.

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Assessing potential

Tazio has teamed up with Saville Assessment to offer their comprehensive range of Wave assessments and aptitude tests.

The Wave questionnaire provides a valid and reliable indicator of an employee's potential and cultural fit. It identifies their talents, motivation and preferred work style.

A wide range of reports can be generated for use in selection, development, leadership programs, coaching and much more.

Wave and Aptitude tests can be combined into a single assessment process, giving you the most detailed evaluate of an individual's skills, motives and potential.

Development centre software

Development centres are a fantastic way of identifying potential within your workforce. However, they can generate a lot of paperwork. Tons in fact.

Now with Assess, you can capture data on a laptop, tablet or smart phone, even when you're offline. Your data is stored securely and available immediately for analysis.

Just imagine, no more scribbling notes, completing scoring cards or uploading mountains of data at the end of the day.

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Greater insight delivers better results

Being able to objectively assess an employee's strengths, preferences and motivation provides insights you can action with greater confidence.

  • Compare employees motives and talents.
  • A high level of validity improves the predictive power.
  • Enable better matching of individuals to roles and culture.
  • Identify and develop potential faster.

A brighter future

Getting recruitment right leads to higher productivity, better employee engagement and reduced turnover.

Tazio's unique approach to data-driven hiring means everything is measurable, as a result, you continually improve your recruitment process.

This virtuous circle means you reduce time to hire, improve the quality of candidates you hire and onboard them faster.

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Let's get started

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