Video Interviewing

Tazio video interviewing make life easier for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates, here’s how:

Automated video interviews are the ideal way to evaluate candidates, particularly their soft skills and motivation, without the headaches of scheduling telephone calls or face-to-face interviews.

Candidates prefer them to telephone interviews as they are more convenient, as well as providing a better opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for the role.

What's more, video interviews ensure a more consistent assessment process as each candidate is asked the same questions, in the same way. As a result, video interviews help to reduce human bias and encourage greater diversity.

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Benefits of video interviewing

There are many benefits of video interviewing; you can quickly identify the best talent, saving you and your hiring managers time meeting unsuitable candidates.

It's no wonder, today over 40% of employers are using video interviews as part of their recruitment process.

  • Speeds up your recruitment process
  • Improves your quality of hire
  • Enhances candidate perception of your brand
  • Reduces recruiter workload
  • Removes scheduling headaches

In our article Benefits of Video Interviewing we explore the benefits in more detail.

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Why choose Tazio

As one of the pioneers of video interviewing with over seven years experience, you can rest assured you, and your candidates will enjoy a stress-free experience.

We’ve made it easy for you to set up and invite candidates to a fully branded video interview in minutes. You can select from one of our full range of professional templates, then add your introduction and job specific questions, or start from scratch using your own questions.

Widely recognised as the most flexible and adaptable video interview platform, Tazio offers an unparalleled feature list, including:

"We've been using Tazio for a couple of years to interview graduates. The service is straightforward to use for both candidates and our recruiters. Using video interviews has saved us a huge amount of time."

Mark Duffy
Head of Talent Acquisition

  • Video introductions and conclusion
  • Ask questions using audio, video and text
  • Option to randomise questions
  • Library for regularly used questions
  • Score candidates against defined competencies
  • Supports Android and iOS tablets and smartphones

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You're in good company

You'll be joining hundreds of employers, large and small, that are already using Tazio video interviews.

We are the preferred technology partner for most of the leading RPOs. Also, we seamlessly integrate with other ATS and HR software systems through our open API.

How much does video interviewing cost?

Probably less than you might imagine. We offer a range of adjustable price plans to suit all needs and budget. You simply choose the annual or monthly plan that perfectly meets your requirements.

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